Quiet is engaged in the discovery of a diverse set of novel immuno-oncology and targeted anti-cancer drugs based on the combination of the GAGomer technology with

  • Expression plasmids: GAG-pDNA
  • RNA therapeutics: GAG-RNA
  • Small molecule drugs: GAG-SM



The expression plasmid platform has the potential to create a revolutionary new class of medicines, by selectively expressing therapeutic proteins at tumor sites following systemic administration. Therapeutic proteins could include combinations of immune-regulatory molecules designed to trigger synergistic anti-tumor immune responses.  Alternatively, the plasmids can be designed to direct the expression of toxins that destroy tumor cells otherwise resistant to classic chemotherapeutic agents.  By rationally combining clinically-validated components the GAG-pDNA platform allows for the rapid creation of powerful new therapeutic candidates.



GAGomer technology removes the key barrier to developing RNA-based cancer drugs through enabling targeted and intracellular delivery. GAG-RNAi constructs have demonstrated exceptional tumor specificity and effective inhibition of target gene products. The GAG-RNA platform has the opportunity to create a broad array of novel cancer drugs by targeting important cancer drivers not amenable to traditional drug approaches.



GAGomers represent ideal vehicles for many small molecule anti-cancer agents. The GAG-SM platform creates effective cancer therapeutics by directly targeting small molecules to tumor cells and improving their therapeutic profile. By specifically altering biodistribution and pharmokinetics, GAG-SM product candidates provide increased efficacy, decreased toxicity, and the ability to treat drug resistant tumors.