Quiet Therapeutics wins Wow Competition at IATI ‎Biomed‬ 2015 for the most innovative Pharma start-up

Quiet Therapeutics Ltd together with MedaSense Biometrics (Medical Device Winner) were declared co-winners of the 2015 Israel BioMed WOW competition for the most innovative start-up companies.


Quiet Therapeutics Co-founders Prof Dan Peer and Prof Rimona Margalit Receive Award for Groundbreaking Work in Targeted Nanoparticles for Cancer

Quiet Therapeutics Ltd. (“Quiet Therapeutics”), a biopharmaceutical company, has announced today the receipt of the prestigious Untold Award by its scientific co-founders Prof. Rimona Margalit and Prof. Dan Peer.

On Wednesday, November 12, 2014 Professors Rimona Margalit and Dan Peer, co-founders of Quiet Therapeutics were among the three Israeli winners of the inaugural Untold News Awards honored during a ceremony emceed in New York City. The prestigious award was given to Prof Margalit and Prof Peer for their groundbreaking work in the development of a breakthrough new class of targeted nanoparticles, called GAGomers, which specifically target cancer tumors and malignancies based on a biomarker expressed on the cancer tissue. The GAGomer technology was licensed to Quiet Therapeutics by Tel Aviv University and is the core platform technology of the company, showing promise for the treatment of several cancer types with different classes of payloads including nucleotides.

“We are extremely pleased with Professors Margalit and Peer receiving such well-deserved recognition for their outstanding work on the GAGomer platform technology,” says Dr. Silvia Noiman Chairperson of the board of Quiet Therapeutics.

“We believe that GAGomers will allow Quiet Therapeutics to uniquely target cancer cells, bringing efficacious and safe therapeutics to people suffering from cancer. We believe that GAGomers can be a game-changer in the field of oncology,” says Dr. Ron Lahav, General Manager and COO of Quiet Therapeutics.

About Quiet Therapeutics

Quiet Therapeutics, a portfolio company of Pontifax and Arkin Holdings, is a product oriented biopharma company located in Israel. The company was established by Pontifax and operated as an incubator company within the framework of the incubators program of the Israeli Office of Chief Scientist, under the A.T.I. Technology Incubator.

Quiet Therapeutics is developing the GaGomers as a new class of highly selective targeted therapeutics to treat cancer. Quiet Therapeutics is establishing a pipeline of Gagomer products utilizing small molecules and nucleotide therapeutics with broad applications in oncology.